Negoita Alexandru (Dominus)

2D concept artist


my real name is Negoita Alexandru, I was born in 1982, in the romanian town Braila under the sign of Pisces - although i cannot swim :P
Aside from that, I like very much to draw, and I do it for fun and with passion, generaly fantasy stuff. If you do not like fantasy art, than you`re in the wrong place, I am a devouted Tolkien fan. Lately I`m training to master the Photoshop with my beloved graphic tablet,

I love computergames, the Thief series are my fav ;), and I have in plan an abandonware site: Abandongames. Favourite movies: All three of the Lord of the Rings movies, The Great Lebowski, Conan, Mad Max, Neverending Story.

Favourite music: Nine Inch Nails, Coptic Rain, Lunatic Calm, Front Line Assembly, Linkin Park and Buddha Bar chillout&stuff. Also, i love game music (Realms of Arkania, Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale, Populous 3 etc).

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one recent picture of me :)

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